Welcome to O-Live Zitoun Official Website

O-Live Zitoun is a DJ / Producer from Switzerland. He plays on Turntables since 1990, on CD Players since 2001 and with USB Stuff since 2008. Welcome to a Wild World of Psytrance, Drum n Bass and Techno.


O-Live Zitoun starts DJing in 1990 in small local Parties and Events. He first plays Techno and Drum n Bass Sounds. Finally coming to the Psytrance Scene in 2003, he keeps on going on until he got some serious stuff in 2016 playing at One Love Festival for the first time. He also plays at Summer Never Ends 2017 and One Love Festival 2018. Since december 2017 a new Project is on Track. A new Electro-Ambient Album will be released on the 22 02 2022 under the new Pseudo of Modulator.